Monday, January 20, 2014


Local elected officials respond to the pressure applied by the voting public and community leaders.  Modify the messages below to send e-mail, text messages, and letters to the paper.  Call the BOS members and share with them your story of how the reductions in school funding have impacted your classroom and your family, your own child’s public school experience, or your ability to hire and retain quality employees for your business.

Funding relief for CCPS needs to be a priority.  I reside in the XXXX district and will support your efforts to advertise an increase in my property tax rate.  3 cents can begin to make a big difference especially when used to fund {reduced class size, student resources, increasing compensation}.  Please stand with our students and support an increase to the property tax rate.

The strength of every community comes from its public schools.  As a longtime resident in the XXX district I urge you to support an increase in the property tax rate to provide additional funding for resources, class size reduction and improving the benefits of our valued employees.

As a parent with a student attending XXXX I see what happens with class sizes go beyond capacity and when teachers and support staff are stretched to the limit.  Increasing funding to our public schools is very important to my child’s education.  I will support a proposed increase in the property tax rate and encourage all my friends to do so as well.

As a resident in XXXX district I encourage you to support an increase in the property tax rate of no less than 3 cents.  The investment in our schools and community is vital to maintain the quality of life that many of us moved here to enjoy.  Please stand as a champion of our public schools and support this increase.