Friday, March 28, 2014

CEA and VEA make a difference

 for nursing moms

Advocacy and organizing does pay off. From new business item to the law of the land...VEA has just made a huge difference in the lives of every teacher. Please share this story with a not yet member at your school and show them the value of membership and collective voice. If you know a soon to be mother,share it with her, as well.
At this morning's session of the VEA convention, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed into law a bill protecting the rights of educators who are nursing mothers. Here, McAuliffe stands with Delegate Jennifer McClellan (left), who sponsored the bill, and Stafford Education Association member Carol Huebner, who put in a New Business Item at last year's convention that led to the bill's introduction.

Thanks to every CEA member, who submitted their personal stories, called a legislator or sent an e-mail during the organizing effort to support this bill.  Want to know more about legislative action?  Sign up to be a cyber lobbyist and stay connected.