Monday, April 14, 2014




Beginning in January, CEA presented to the Board of Supervisors the need to increase funding to the schools and to consider an increase in the property tax rate.  The rate, at 95 cents per $100, had steadily declined from $1.09 over the past 20 years.  As the rate decreased, the percentage of funding from total revenue the BOS provided to CCPS dropped from 44% to 41%. 

CCPS had already cut over $60 million since 2008: programs were slashed; nearly 500 employees were terminated through reductions in force; and the salary schedules remained stagnant.  While employees moved on the scale, take home pay actually shrank due to increases in health care premiums and contributions to the Virginia Retirement System.

CEA ramped up a campaign of employee and community engagement, generating hundreds of phone calls and e-mails, as well as public presentations and crowd turnout.  Partnerships were formed with the County Council of PTAs, the County Firefighters Association, the Realtors Association, and other members of the business community.

On February 12 the BOS announced an advertised tax rate of 98 cents.  This was the first step to getting additional funding on the table.  Engagement and participation at every subsequent BOS meeting and public discussion seemed to effectively move the agenda.

Then on April 9, the night the BOS was to vote on the tax rate, a motion was approved to postpone the vote until April 23rd.

We know that Americans for Prosperity, a front group for the Koch brothers, will use these days to make calls, send e-mails, and twist every arm to derail the tax increase.
This must be a time when every school employee takes up the challenge to call, e-mail, or contact a member of the BOS. Our message?

To Jaeckle, Holland, and Gecker: Thank you for supporting our schools; stay strong and VOTE YES ON THE PROPOSED RATE OF 98 CENTS.  

To Warren and Elswick: We want our schools fully funded AND our new library, our additional police officers, and our new firehouse; VOTE YES ON THE PROPOSED RATE OF 98 CENTS.

Parents and school employees pack BOS meeting

Bermuda District
Dorothy Jaeckle

Office: (804) 748-1211
Home/Voice Mail: (804) 748-4364

Dale District
James M. "Jim" Holland, Chair

Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice: (804) 768-7528

Midlothian District
Daniel A. Gecker
Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice Mail: (804) 768-7397

Matoaca District
Steve A. Elswick, Vice-Chairman

Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice Mail: (804) 768-7400

Clover Hill District
Arthur S. (Art) Warren 
Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice Mail: (804) 768-7396