Sunday, August 24, 2014


A message from president Donald Wilms

     Welcome to a new school year.  If you are new to CCPS, CEA is here to support you in your professional life.  If someone in your building doesn’t contact you, please contact me at 897-1756 or  If you are a veteran, please take the time to welcome new teachers and support staff to your school and encourage them to become CEA members.
     CEA has been looking out for your interests all summer.  We’ve been in discussion with CCPS administration about the dress code since mid-June.  CEA building leaders are ready to facilitate open dialogue with principals to ensure that recommended expectations are neither arbitrary nor capricious.  We’re carefully watching PBL trade days, staying on top of this issue as some employees lost their trade days last year to snow.  And we’ve been reaching out to both members and potential members, listening to their stories and their concerns about our profession and how changes are affecting students.  Since every not-yet member expressed vigorous support for CEA, we anticipate that they will become new members this year.
   June and July flew by.  As delegates to the NEA convention, Melodie Henderson and I participated in the delegate actions.  Most inspiring was the vote calling for the resignation of Arne Duncan after his anti-public education and anti-teachers’ union statements.  The NEA Human and Civil Rights Dinner brought into focus our organization’s long history of involvement in social justice issues.
     CEA was well-represented at the VEA Organizing School.  Our team included Tina Bujno, Andy Brown, Meghan Carey, Melodie Henderson, Eric Pioch, Henrietta Russell, Denise Moore, Tina Simmons, Nancy Wood, and Deb Zawadski.  After sharing my success and honing my skills at the local president’s retreat, I expanded my facilitation repertoire to become part of VEA’s Diversity Cadre.  I want to thank those dedicated leaders for giving several days of their precious summer to continue building our CEA.
     Your CEA accomplished much last year and the work continues.  I am proud of every member who spoke up at a public meeting, wore red to work, wrote a letter to a supervisor, reached out to a parent or business leader, and decided that enough was enough and it was time to stand up for themselves and their students.  The struggle continues.
     CEA never sleeps, but I hope you get a chance to before you meet your new students.

CEA provides a warm welcome at the CCPS New Employee Orientation